Is your website fast?

Ever wondered how your website feels on a computer with lower bandwidth than yours? As a web developer or company that runs a commercial website, you absolutely should!
Why? Because the speed of Internet connections vary and customer satisfaction should be guaranteed even to users with slower connection speeds.Think about it: Today's websites are much bigger than some years ago, containing transparent PNGs, photos and videos, loads of javascript and webfonts.

That's why even faster connections cannot guarantee fast pageloads. This is especially true for mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet market is rapidly growing and as long as there’s no wifi network available, they’re stuck with 3G or even worse: Edge connections.

Have a look at some countries’ connection speeds, taken from Akamai's Q1 2011 The state of the Internet" report*

As you can see, Internet connections vary significantly across different countries and mobile speeds haven’t catched up with common stationary speeds, yet. Therefore, testing your website with various speeds is highly relevant if you want all of your customers to have a positive experience!

Un-optimized, bloated websites can be sluggish and a pain for the user. On the contrary, websites can create a positive impression, when interaction is fast and feels natural. So, it is not only a good idea to see what your users see, it is your advantage in competition!

Just slide it!

Throttlr Interface

Test your site in realistic environments!

Throttlr allows you to limit your computer's bandwidth with a beautiful and easy-to-use 1-slide interface. You can emulate any valid network environment, from a standard 3G to an average 4 Mbps connection and store these values for later usage. The only limit is your own network's connection speed.

Throttlr gives you a realistic scenario to start with and an idea how users with lower connection speeds will see and interact with your site. Based on this experience you can optimize your site for faster page loads – and test the outcome directly in your web browser!

Works online and with localhost

Throttlr can limit your network’s bandwidth value for one or multiple, specific ports! That means you can use Throttlr with any online Internet site and with local development environments like RubyOnRails, Sinatra, CodeIgniter or MAMP – you don't even need to deploy your website to use Throttlr.

Besides that, you can also simulate server latency, which gives you even more realistic results. With Throttlr's built-in multi-port throttling it's also possible to emulate such things as a Flash video streaming network or a company's intranet.

Awesome features:

  • Throttles your network’s bandwidth to any valid value
  • Throttles one or multiple ports at the same time
  • Simulates server latency
  • Resets bandwidth, ports and latency when quitting the app

Throttlr has been developed by webworkers for webworkers. We believe in the community, so we decided to give away 500 copies for free! Test our tool in your daily work and give us feedback, we would love to hear your opinion. Get Throttlr today at the Mac AppStore and be one of the first 500 users!